About the Company

Owner of the web page is:
Petra Šircelj s.p.
Rihpovec 8
SI-8210 Trebnje

VAT ID: SI50323229
Bank account: SI56 1010 0004 7799 461 (Bank of Koper)

E-mail: info@gel.si                          Phone: 059 047 151                     Cell phone: 041 794 492


Gel+ is a brand of a top quality ultrasound gel, which is intended for professional use in medicine, cosmetics and physiotherapy.

Delivery conditions
Gel for ultrasound Gel+ can be ordered by physical or legal person. Existing business partners have a payment deferral, while new business partners make payment by a pro forma invoice. Gel+ will be delivered to your address in 48 hours from confirmation of order, but generally the next working day for orders, completed till 12 o’clock.
Sending charge is paid by customer, unless it is agreed in other way. Valid is the following price list for door-to-door delivery. Prices do not include VAT. In a case of bigger quantities it is possible to make a different agreement.

We always offer a possibility of a personal receipt in company’s headquarters – this has to be approved in advance.

Masa do (kg) Tarifna cena EUR
10 3,60
20 5,80
30 7,50
40 8,50
50 9,90
60 12,60
70 14,10
80 15,60
90 17,20
100 18,60
120 20,60
140 22,40
160 25,20
180 28,10
200 31,50


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